Donna Webb and Outer Space at the Emily Davis Gallery

Our Book goes to press this week!

The Akron Story Circle Project: Rethinking Race in Classroom and Community, by Carolyn Behrman, Bill Lyons, Patricia Hill, James Slowiak, Donna Webb, and Amy Shriver Dreussi. Akron: University of Akron Press, 2017.


Stairway to the Arts This video is of a project we did at Shawnee State University.  It is great to see a video of it.

Angel Falls update

Donna, Sam and Kyle firing the salt kiln at Hale Farm

Angel Falls Tile Facade

Jim King and Rafael Oletta have commissioned me to design a tile facade for Angel Falls Coffee Shop.  We are in the design phase now.  My students in Introduction to Ceramics are creating maquettes of the front of Angel Falls.  Their ideas are fanciful views of how they see the coffee shop.  Dominic Falcione of..

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Fortune Telling at Cascade VillageTelling the good fortune at Community Day at Cascade village

River Day

Social Justice Bus Tour with Stand Up Ohio

   Starting with a rally to support public education in Akron we departed by bus to seven Ohio cities to demonstrate our support for citizens against fracking, families being forclosed on, returning citizens, immigration reform and public education.

2001-2007 Ceramics Myers School of Art, History of Ceramics Program, Myers School of Art Akron

2001-2007 The biggest change in the ceramic program during the years 2001 to 2007 was the introduction of technology.  In spring 2002 the University published class lists with email addresses along with telephone numbers.  In subsequent semester the telephone number has been eliminated.  In spring of 2003 Donna was provided with her first laptop computer..

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Stand Up Ohio Social Action Bus Tour April 28-May 2 2013We rode the bus to seven Ohio cities, meeting people and hearing their issues. As we traveled our group grew from 21 to 200. This is what democracy looks like to me.

FABOS Conference on Landscape and Greenway Planning, U MassJean Marie Hartman and I presented on our project, Watershed Event.

Installation at Action Link, Seed Pots and Galactic Structures, Donna Webb and Beth Lindenberger

1990-1999 Ceramics Myers School of Art, History of Ceramics Program, Myers School of Art AkronHistory of the Ceramics Program Part Four

SPRING 1990 Stephen Csejtey, Cathy Vogel and Lisa Papp among others took Donna’s Introduction to Ceramics class. Donna taught Ceramics II:  students included:  Faith Albert, Jon Horn, Kathy Ilg, Susanne Rowan and Sandy Fox Advanced Ceramics:  Kyle Dick, Kurt Fennell, Brian Hedges, James Klein, Andrea Preis, David Reid, Ingeborg Wegner, Charles Pillitiere, and Stacy Hunter..

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1980 — 1989 Ceramics Myers School of Art, History of Ceramics Program, Myers School of Art AkronMyers School of Art Ceramics Program

Summer 1980 “Kathy Ricks taught a mold making and slip casting class.  I took the class and thought it was great.  Kathy was very organized which was very helpful in learning to make molds.” Donna Webb SPRING 1980 As of June 30, 1980 the Potters Guild Fund had a balance of $957.15. This money was..

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The New Jim Crow Reading Group, Cascade Village Public Art

On February 7, 2013.  The New Jim Crow Reading Group met for the last time.  We had a potluck supper, attended Story Circles at Guzzetta Hall, University of Akron led by members of the Color Line Committee on the theme of “losing freedom” and finally attended the lecture by Michelle Alexander, author of The New..

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Integrated Biology Seminar

Abstract for talk to the I.B. Seminar April 5, 2013 How does my work depend on biomimicry?  I will use the general definition, describing a process that mimics nature.  In the most general way all of my forms are based on observation of nature.  But I will focus my discussion today on the design principals..

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Story Circles at Cascade Village

Story Circles for Cascade Village Public   The project, Cascade Village Public Art was funded by a Knight Foundation grant to strengthen the community at Cascade Village and explore the need for public art there.  Cascade Village is a Project Hope, mixed- income community that replaced the old Elizabeth Park Public Housing Project. During my..

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Lauer Building The Lauer murals have the theme of Howard Street. The Theme came from Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority and was strongly supported by the firm of Braun and Steidl, architects. I worked directly with Janna Ammole of Braun and Steidl and with Carrie Albanese of Deitrich and Associates Design. Each floor represents a different aspect of Howard Street which was once the thriving center of African American life and business in Akron. Along with theatre students I participated in Story Circles to learn the lived experience of growing up in African American neighborhoods in Akron.

1970 — 1979 Ceramics Myers School of Art, History of Ceramics Program, Myers School of Art AkronMyers School of Art Ceramics Program

Fall 1970 Larry Calhoun was hired to teach ceramics.  Larry allowed Donna Webb, who was still a student in the MFA program at the University of Michigan, to work in the studio during the year 70-71. Michael Vatalaro was among those in Larry’s first advanced class. Spring 1971 Advanced Ceramics included Mike Vatalaro, Peg (Averill)..

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1870 — 1970 Ceramics Myers School of Art, History of Ceramics Program, Myers School of Art AkronAll the Difference

I have been thinking about writing a history of the ceramics program at the University of Akron for several months but now that I am starting on June 25, 2006, I feel that it is a daunting task.  I’m not an historian and I would feel much more at home in my studio.  However taking..

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Cascade Village Public Art Mapping Project

Linda Barrett, Associate Professor of Geography designed a map at my request.  She made two maps, above is Elizabeth Park from an aerial photograph taken in 1952.  Below this map is another, a satellite view of Cascade Village taken in 2011.   Residents will view the maps as a way of remembering how the landscape..

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