Integrated Biology Seminar

Abstract for talk to the I.B. Seminar April 5, 2013

How does my work depend on biomimicry?  I will use the general definition, describing a process that mimics nature.  In the most general way all of my forms are based on observation of nature.  But I will focus my discussion today on the design principals of repetition and variation.
Repetition in nature is a common sight, from schools of fish to forests of trees, patterns of leaves to spores on a mushroom. The important thing to notice with natural repetition is the presence of variation.  This is very unlike the process of mass production which includes no variation.

The examples of natural repetition in this slide show also exhibit variation.

Due to constant exposure, our hard wired response is to always expect repetition to be accompanied by variation. When the variation is missing, repetition becomes monotonous.

This article was written by: Donna Webb

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