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Stairway to the Arts

Tags: This video is of a project we did at Shawnee State University.  It is great to see a video of it.

Angel Falls update

Angel Falls Tile Facade


Jim King and Rafael Oletta have commissioned me to design a tile facade for Angel Falls Coffee Shop.  We are in the design phase now.  My students in Introduction to Ceramics are creating maquettes of the front of Angel Falls.  Their ideas are fanciful views of how they see the coffee shop.  Dominic Falcione of..

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Fortune Telling at Cascade VillageTelling the good fortune at Community Day at Cascade village


FABOS Conference on Landscape and Greenway Planning, U MassJean Marie Hartman and I presented on our project, Watershed Event.


Lauer Building The Lauer murals have the theme of Howard Street. The Theme came from Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority and was strongly supported by the firm of Braun and Steidl, architects. I worked directly with Janna Ammole of Braun and Steidl and with Carrie Albanese of Deitrich and Associates Design. Each floor represents a different aspect of Howard Street which was once the thriving center of African American life and business in Akron. Along with theatre students I participated in Story Circles to learn the lived experience of growing up in African American neighborhoods in Akron.