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Our Book goes to press this week!

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The Akron Story Circle Project: Rethinking Race in Classroom and Community, by Carolyn Behrman, Bill Lyons, Patricia Hill, James Slowiak, Donna Webb, and Amy Shriver Dreussi. Akron: University of Akron Press, 2017.

Fortune Telling at Cascade VillageTelling the good fortune at Community Day at Cascade village


River Day


Social Justice Bus Tour with Stand Up Ohio

   Starting with a rally to support public education in Akron we departed by bus to seven Ohio cities to demonstrate our support for citizens against fracking, families being forclosed on, returning citizens, immigration reform and public education.

Stand Up Ohio Social Action Bus Tour April 28-May 2 2013We rode the bus to seven Ohio cities, meeting people and hearing their issues. As we traveled our group grew from 21 to 200. This is what democracy looks like to me.